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Pat B

White Plains NY 10601

His strengths include: objective analysis of local market economics and prices; skilled promotion and application of internet marketing tools; and rigorous credit investigation to separate serious buyers with funds and/or financing from mere lookers. John is a hard-nosed, effective real estate professional.

Pat B~ John sold our house within 5 months at a favorable market price.

Jeff S

Listed personal property by selling my home in Pleasantville, NY 10570. Then proceeded to ensure a commercial lease for my engineering practice in White Plains NY.

I have worked with John and two different transactions. First of all he listens to understand what you are looking for in the real estate market...buying, selling or leasing. Second once he is plugged into your needs, he works diligently to make a deal come to fruition. If an issue develops, he works with all parties to obtain a resolve. Both of my transactions with John have resulted in closing two separate deals. I would highly recommend John to anyone who wants a solid, straight shooter and works for you... To make a deal happen!

Jeff S ~ Listed & Sold personal property in Pleasantville, NY. Then obtained a commercial lease for my engineering practice in White Plains NY.

About John Spanos

    In today's market, whether you are selling or purchasing a new home. Preparation is not just the 'standard' for making correct decisions. The Preventative Formative Information, becomes absolutely 'Priceless'.

     There are so many factors relating to Value, Costs, and Expense's. It becomes imperative, prospective buyers and sellers understand as many of the factors as possible. These factors relate to the market, inspection conditions, and overall operating factors.

       As a broker who has conducted transactions locally to globally. From regionally to nationally. Facilitating all transaction with correct research and experience. Can make the difference between making your decision the correct decision.    

       As an experienced agent, my work becomes a collaboration of the clients requirements, with thorough research. So each client makes the decision that become best for the buyers and sellers I represent.

        So please take a look through my video blog on understanding the Westchester Real Estate experience and give me a call at your earliest convenience.

        All the best.

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