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The best TV stands: 3 Options to consider for your home~

by John Spanos 02/11/2024

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The best TV stands: 3 Options to consider for your home

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Many homeowners prioritize finding the best televisions for their home. But finding the best TV stands is just as important. It might seem like a simple piece of furniture, but the right TV stand can make a huge impact on the aesthetics, storage and overall functionality of your media room.

To help you figure out the best TV stand for your home entertainment setup, here is a basic guide to the most popular designs you’ll find:

Wall mount TV bracket:

Simply the single most utilitarian, functional, and minimalist contemporary TV mount available. The device itself is pure simplicity in it's purest form. Can be mounted at any height. On any wall. Usually appears as an adjustable arm. With hinges for turning and directing the screen positions. So that the most amount of people can view at same time. Incidentally, one of the most economical and efficient, TV options for flat panel screen available on the market today. For TV only. No shelves. No storage.

Corner TV stand

Otherwise, the second most simple TV stand option. Especially if you’re short on floor square footage. Since it's a simple corner floor TV stand. Corner TV stands are often triangular, nestling comfortably into a corner without any wasted space.

The disadvantage is viewing take place with everyone facing the corner diagonally.

Is still considered a furniture item. You’ll have fewer placement options if you ever move or rearrange your furniture.

Open shelf TV stand

The second most simple option for a TV stand and entertainment center. Providing plenty of storage and access. Doors not included. Preventing any signal interruptions.

Open shelves make it easier to move and change out components if needed. Allows airflow to help keep older generation video players and gaming consoles from overheating.

Major advantages to having open shelves, is easy access. Disadvantage is dust electronic devices attract.

Closed shelf TV stand

A TV stand with closed shelving is considered by many the more traditional form. Mainly because it becomes part of the rooms furniture. Offers of storage space. Keeps components and contents hidden.

The downside of closed shelf is the space taken up. Don’t always work with devices requiring infrared remote control. Can block receiving weak wifi.

A closed shelf TV stand can also cause cord management issues unless it comes equipped with holes to accommodate all your devices. Basically becoming part and parcel of taking up space within the rooms furniture.

In the end.

Storage space, cable management features and decor styles are all factors to consider when choosing a TV stand for your media room. However, what makes the best TV stands truly the “best” is how well you feel they fit into your home.

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